The active ingredient in Baytril, manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation, is enrofloxacin. Baytril falls within the Fluoroquinolone class of antimicrobial anti-infective pet medications. A similar class in human baytril dog antibiotic pet meds medications would include the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (Cipro). Baytril meds and other flouroquinolones were a welcome development in the veterinary field, as they have been proven effective against previously difficult to treat bacteria such as Pseudomona. Baytril is often prescribed by veterinarians to treat a variety of infections in dogs and cats including respiratory, digestive and urinary tract infections. It is also commonly used to treat ear, skin and wound infections as well. Baytril antibiotic is designed to be rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and can be expected to penetrate into all canine and feline tissues and body fluids, often within two hours, and to be maintained for eight to twelve hours after administration. For dogs and cats, Baytril can be administered orally through enteric coated tablets or palatable taste tabs. The purple, coated tablets are bitter in taste, subsequently, crushing them for administration in the food is not necessarily an effective method of administration. However, most dogs find the taste tab version, also referred to as a flavor tab, a palatable alternative. Dosage requirements will vary accordingly depending upon the individual animal's needs. Ear infections often require higher dosages for longer periods of time to clear the infection. An injectable solution given as a subcutaneous injection under the skin is also available for dogs only. 

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